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Acrylic Stucco

“Acrylic” is a finish which is also a three coat system over paper and wire lath with two concrete layers and a smooth textured acrylic finish. The smoother finish is created by the 1-3mm aggregate within the finish product. NOTE: It is essential to insure your stucco contractor is using elastomeric finish rather than the cheaper product meant for the EIF system.

The elastomeric coating permits more stretching of the finish coat allowing the bridging of the hairline cracking inherent in a cement stucco system.  This type of stucco has all the benefits of the California style but with the added benefits of limitless colour choices and reduction in visible hairline cracking. It also provides a look that is widely considered to be more modern.

Add value for your home with quality and affordable new stucco:

- Increase the value of your new or old home.
- Appreciate the beauty and new look of your new exterior.
- Enjoy your free time after installing maintenance free products.
- Spend your money on the long term investment which will keep working for years.
- Have peace of mind because of choosing an established and reliable company.
- We are even equipped to handle work on large new Townhouse and new Condo projects in Greater Vancouver Area.

New exterior stucco is very easy to maintain in good shape for years, but in most cases it’s tricky to put it up. Vancouver Stucco professionals will install new stucco for you in no time. Our crews are skilled and well experienced and utilizing Vancouver Stucco expertise is an easy and stress-free way to give to your home a new good look for years to come.

Contact us today to find out how we can help to make your home safer, warmer and more valuable with Acrylic Stucco.

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